Hi, I’m Jerry J. Davis

YouTube encourages channel owners to make an “about me” video to be shown to first time visitors. This is the one I just created.

Introducing The Writer’s Tavern Podcast

It is with pride and a certain amount of stage fright that I hereby announce my friend and fellow author Melanie Fletcher and myself have returned together in a new podcast called The Writer’s Tavern.

Each episode’s goal is to spotlight a writer and his/her work that we immensely enjoy and wish to share with the world at large … and at the same time have an indecent amount of fun.

You can already subscribe on Spotify, and in the coming weeks it will be available on all the other podcast platforms in the known universe.

It’s hosted by the good folks at Anchor.fm:  The Writer’s Tavern

Edgar Allan Poe and Lewis Carroll team up to solve a murder? The Writer's Tavern

What if Edgar Allan Poe and Lewis Carroll teamed up to solve a murder? Intriguing, isn't it? That's what Melanie's new alternate history novel is about, titled A Most Malicious Murder. Be on the lookout for it sometime near toward the end of June 2021. Meanwhile Jerry has a new book that just hit the shelves: Typewriter Repairman, a fun character-driven fantasy set in 1982 about a magic typewriter that you can use to rewrite history — with disastrous consequences. 
  1. Edgar Allan Poe and Lewis Carroll team up to solve a murder?
  2. Bribe your Gods
  3. Scrivener 3.0 for Windows … finally!
  4. Fiction Writers are Voyeurs
  5. Beware of Toxic Writer Trolls

No Such Thing As Mermaids

I am happy to announce that on August 1st 2020 my latest novel is out. It’s another comedy fantasy mystery love story, this one set right before the pandemic hit — because that’s when I wrote it — and the main character is a down-on-his-luck tech entrepreneur who lost almost everything in a bad deal and a lawsuit, and decides to reboot his life by opening up a computer repair shop in — for secret reasons of his own — a small Oregon seacoast town.

There he is seduced by a mysterious young witch, and, while on a walk along the ocean one morning, he sees something he knows is impossible.

And yet, there it is.

This leads him into a secret the town has been keeping since the 1970’s, and throws everything he’s ever believed about reality right out the window.

The book is available now on Amazon, and soon at most other major online bookstores — both in print and ebook editions. 

There will be Butterbeer!

This is a fun little promo video I shot and edited for my buddies at my favorite pub, Cru. And yes, there really will be Butterbeer.

Jerry’s Tech Tips and Tricks

I’ve started a new series of videos on YouTube where I document random tech tips and tricks that I’ve learned after being stumped by something. Share the knowledge, that’s my motto.

Perks of a Tech Vlog

One of the perks of having had a viral tech video with over a million views (which by today’s standard is not that spectacular, really) is that you make it onto lists of manufacturers to send you products to review. This means I occasionally get my hands on fun tech toys before they’re generally available. For example, this awesome little Alexa-powered clock:

Studio Quality Video on a Shoe String

A professional video can cost tens of thousands of dollars, or more. Much more. But it doesn’t have to…

This is my latest video for my day job. My equipment and software setup costs were less than half of what you would spend going to a dedicated video production company, and that’s a one time expense.

Being that digital marketing is now mostly about video, and your best strategy is to pump out constant (relevant) video content, producing them yourself is the only real choice for a lot of small and midsized companies.

The right computer, software, camera, microphone, an iPad-based teleprompter, a few lights, and a green screen is all I used to make what looks like a full studio production. None of them are what you’d consider “pro” equipment.

When in doubt, add a cat

I always want to add an entertaining element to my videos, but was a bit challenged when it came to making a video about this speaker. The serendipitous solution was my cat, Peeps.

Smart Elevators Talking in a Chat Room

My weekend video project. Bet you’ll never look at an elevator the same way again.

Am I Obsolete?

It’s me again, being a front man for my day job. Next time, though, it’s someone else’s turn in front of the lens.

My New Favorite Speaker

My new favorite tech toy! This speaker by GGMM has so many features it rivals Batman’s utility belt.

Featured music by Shpongle. Featured streaming radio is SomaFM. Featured podcast is Nerdist.

What is this, and why does it break?

My latest video for my day job, I have had to redo this several times because of product name changes. Hopefully this one will stick. And continue breaking.

Making Elevator Buttons Fun

I take this as high praise: “Dude, who would have thought that a video on elevator buttons could be fun to watch.” ~ Dan Leadbetter

My Star Wars Video

I made this for my day job back when the last Star Wars movie came out. Being that Rogue One is being released today, I thought it might be a good time to showcase this here:

Keep Calm and Let The Digital Marketing Manager handle it

If you’re using Final Cut Pro, there’s no excuse not to start using a green screen. Muy sencillo!

Some of my Slick Corporate Work

I had a hand in creating this series. I helped write the script, did some of the editing, and it even features some of my footage.

Google Home and Amazon Echo: Best Friends!

Lord knows I love my gadgets. Good to know they love each other as well.

Music in this video is by Zoe Keating and Lokumu. <3

Halloween Videos 2014 and 2016

I made these for my day job, just for fun, and they weren’t hard because Apple’s iMovie did all the heavy lifting for me. All I had to do was plan and take the shots.