Introducing The Writer’s Tavern Podcast

It is with pride and a certain amount of stage fright that I hereby announce my friend and fellow author Melanie Fletcher and myself have returned together in a new podcast called The Writer’s Tavern.

Each episode’s goal is to spotlight a writer and his/her work that we immensely enjoy and wish to share with the world at large … and at the same time have an indecent amount of fun.

You can already subscribe on Spotify, and in the coming weeks it will be available on all the other podcast platforms in the known universe.

It’s hosted by the good folks at  The Writer’s Tavern

Bribe your Gods The Writer's Tavern

Bribe your gods, or your muse, or whatever it is that brings you that holy stream of creativity, because really, they need something in return. Money doesn't grow on trees, right? Why should inspiration? You have to feed and nurture it.
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