About Jerry

As a veteran in the field of professional content creation, Jerry is quite adept at writing about himself in the third person, and while he remains annoyingly humble, he will — if sufficiently goaded — tell you about his many accomplishments:

  • Jerry is an award-winning photographer, having worked extensively in both film and digital mediums.
  • Jerry is also a highly skilled and award-winning digital marketer and webmaster, adept at not only coding but also several different content management systems, none the least of which is WordPress. He’s been optimizing websites for search engines for so long that he doesn’t even have to think about it anymore. Also he’s quick to point out that SEO isn’t just important for websites — so much print media ends up in searchable form both on the Internet and internally in corporate networks that SEO is vital for pretty much anything, anymore … if you ever want to find it again.
  • He is a veteran film and video editor, his experience reaching from the Super-8 sound days all the way to present day using cutting edge editing software and publishing to the Internet. His YouTube videos feature millions of views.
  • Jerry is also an author, with numerous articles, short stories, and books to his credit. His published work ranges from pulp science fiction magazines to professional trade publications, as well as highly technical instruction manuals all the way to several successful Fantasy and Science Fiction books.
  • Did we mention podcasting? Jerry has been recording, editing, and publishing podcasts since they were a brand new thing, some of his early shows earning such high ratings that they brought in commercial sponsorships (which, while common now, was unheard of in those days).
  • Jerry is also a technologist, having hardware and software experience spanning from the early days of the Apple II, the very first Mac, and the original IBM PC and XT. Don’t ask him to fix your computer, though, because he charges so much money that you might as well go buy a new one.