Several years ago, blogs and blogging were a big deal, so much so that the Internet was flooded with them, and most of them were absolute junk — filled with computer generated nonsense created to fool search engines into raising the page rank of the websites they were linked to.

Fortunately, the AI algorithms employed by Google and other search engines have become smart enough to recognize junk for what it is: junk. That is good news for people who actually produce quality content for blogs, because search engines love fresh content, and rate it very highly.

So whether you’re creating blog content for itself, or in order to point out something new on a website where you actually want the attention, a blog is still a very good way to alert search engines to new and important content.

So for businesses it is still a very wise move to establish and maintain a blog on the Internet. But even if that’s not why you’re doing it, it is still a fun and sometimes cathartic way to express yourself.

Here are three blogs that Jerry maintains in the latter category: