It took years for people to realize how awesome podcasts are, but now that they have, the market has exploded. Back when Jerry first began producing podcast shows, you’d have to explain what they are: “pre-recorded radio programs that you can listen to on demand.”

Jerry currently produces four podcast:

The Green Hour with Dan and Jerry – a niche podcast dedicated to, among other things, raising awareness and dispelling myths about their favorite spirit: Absinthe.

Zombie Beach Podcast – Dan and Jerry’s other podcast, this one dedicated to the enjoyment of schlocky horror and science fiction movies.

Acceptably Real Podcast – Jerry and his friend Joe examine with a skeptical eye the things which exist in the grey areas of reality — UFO’s, Bigfoot, Shadow People, and of course, Ghosts — and ask the question: are they acceptably real?

The Writer’s Tavern – Jerry has teamed up with his original podcasting partner, author Melanie Fletcher, to interview guest authors and discuss creativity, tools, technique, and tomfoolery.